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I'm back.

2009-11-12 19:32:59 by xHeavyMetalx

Haven't made / been on here for a long time. So now, I will be making a D-Day movie in honor of the veterans.

Welcome To Hell

2009-06-21 16:25:11 by xHeavyMetalx

-Welcome To Hell-

A new game in creation by me. I wont give out much detail other than this right now.

Sorry for the horrible quality of the photo.

Welcome To Hell

Scape Jumper 2

2009-02-23 18:30:26 by xHeavyMetalx

Scape Jumper 2 now in production.
Seeing how well and a success Scape Jumper went, number 2 is in production. It will have 6 levels each progressing in difficulty. I will be adding much more detail (You know the little things like background, and items such as little rocks, bottles and debri). So this is a heads up! It will also include the desired Checkpoint system, fixed collision detection and more.

You've been warned! Look for it on newgrounds soon!

level 1: 90%
level 2: 45%
level 3: 0%
level 4: 0%
level 5: 0%

Join the fab collab!

2009-02-18 19:00:07 by xHeavyMetalx

The Fab Collab!!
The Fab Collab!!
The Fab Collab!!
The Fab Collab!!
The Fab Collab!!
The Fab Collab!!

You'll find it at the flash forums.

New game in making, EPIC!

2009-02-04 18:36:38 by xHeavyMetalx

In a sort of enlightening to my eyes from PlatformWTF. I'm on a downhill spiral towards making somethig similar but A: Has a goal and B: You have to build your way to the goal. = EPIC

Alive and kicking!

2008-12-21 16:01:09 by xHeavyMetalx

Back again, thank the heavens above!

Another game!

2008-07-21 17:10:59 by xHeavyMetalx

On top of The last spartan, I bring you Demonic. A stick man game platformer type. You are a demon and you go around using your powers to destroy anyone in your way. Keep in mind you dominate all. You have NO enemies. Mwhahahahahahahaha


2008-07-15 18:24:01 by xHeavyMetalx

I'm making a new game. Its kinda similar to 300, your a spartan and you do just that... KILL!!! No this not one of those noobie ass games.

Update: Heres a sample! HERE

Arrow keys, ctrl and space. Not much to do atm lol

Update: Just to let everyone know things are going good right now! It is much more advanced than the little sample I gave you guys. So hang in there! A little sneak peak is that I will be having 2 player, base wars, and zombie survival... more to come as well :)


The Mini Game Collab

2008-02-06 22:22:46 by xHeavyMetalx

Me and spacepiratefear are making "The Mini Game Collab", it is filled with classic and newly invented mini games/games that we are and have created. You should expect it fairly soon, as to this... Will be a masterpiece! :D


DJ Madness 2

2008-01-11 23:36:35 by xHeavyMetalx

DJ Madness 2 is on its way! Song choosing, change clothing and more! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled when it is released.